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14 July 2020 Cinema at the beach 2020 Here are all the dates of the evenings dedicated to the open air cinema of CineCity at the beach of Lignano... Read All
14 July 2020 Pupi e Pini 2020 Children's show The exhibition "Pupi e Pini" starts again to keep the little ones company and, why not, to us too! The event has... Read All
16 July 2020 Theatre workshop - Student "Palio" 2020 In Lignano Sabbiadoro there is the opportunity for high school students of Udine and province, to participate in the... Read All
11 July 2020 Lignano Sup Marathon World Cup 2020 Lignano Sabbiadoro the SUP Marathon 2020, this year edition world cup! The appointment for the event is... Read All
11 July 2020 "Race of Roses" Lignano 2020 On Sunday 4th October 2020, Lignano Sabbiadoro will host the "Race of Roses" , an event dedicated to all women but... Read All
12 July 2020 Tiziano Ferro in concert - Lignano 2021 Lignano Sabbiadoro will host important events starting from the concert of Tiziano Ferro, who chose our beloved... Read All