Intras Travel Agency


1. Reservations

Bookings are confirmed by paying a 30% deposit, within the date of expiry of the rental contract. After this time booking will be automatically cancelled. In the computation of the letting period, the number of days is the same as the number of the nights.

  • Deposit. 30% of the total renting amount is to paid as deposit to the agency, also by credit card, bank transfer or cash, within the abovementioned date (point 1).
  • Payment procedure. The rest amount payment must be made within 7 days prior to arrival.

For reservations made shortly before the arrival date, up to 7 days prior to arrival, full payment is required at the time of booking.

In case of non-compliance with the terms of the payment, the Agency has the right to withdraw from the contract, cancelling the reservation accordingly.


2. The price includes

The agreed price includes accommodation and furnishings in good condition, television, cutlery, crockery, kitchen utensils, covers and pillows, - use of safe (when available) - normal consumption of gas, hot and cold water and electricity, final cleaning and bed linen (if mentioned in the apartment’s description). Minor maintenance repairs will be at the expense of the tourist agency whose personal have authorized access to the premises, even in guest's absence.

THE PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE: towels and kitchen linen, iron, beach services and anything not expressly stated in “the price includes”. Bed linen (if not mentioned in the apartment’s description). On request It’s possible to rent bed linen and towels (must be booked till 7 days before arrival). Mattress-covers and pillow-covers can’t be used as bed linen.


3. Pets

Dogs, cats and other pets are allowed in all the apartments (less in LA PORTA DEL MARE, TERRAMARE and RESIDENZA EDDA), just if indicated through the special symbol in the online description, and at extra charge. Pets must be declared at the reservation. Pets can be of small and middle size but cannot weigh more than 20 kg and normally is admitted only 1 pet per apartment. Should the tourist agency discover the presence of animals in the apartments where they are usually not allowed, the organization reserves the right to terminate the contract immediately with no liability to refund. Should the Intras agency check the presence of no declared pets, will ask to the client, by departure, twice the extra charge above mentioned. Pets cannot be left in the apartments alone; this is an essential condition for the guests with animals and if not respected, the tourist agency will terminate the contract immediately and with no liability to refund. Further damage will be calculated and subtracted from the paid deposit.


4. Check in and check out

  • Check in. Keys may be picked up at the Intras Agency in Viale Europa 27 in Lignano Sabbiadoro.
  • Arrival times:  Accommodation is available for occupation between 03.30 pm and 07.30 pm on the day of arrival.
  • From 20.04 to 31.05 and from 02.09 to 29.09 the collection of the key is from 03.00 pm to 07.00 pm.

Early check in “priority”. By the reservation is possible to request the “early check in”. The collect of the key will be guaranteed:

on Saturday from 11.00 am to 01.00 pm and on the other days of the week from 11.00 am to 12.00 am. The extra charge for “priority” service is of Euro 30,00 and is subject to availability. The clients, who booked the “priority” service and then don’t use or need It, have in any case to pay It because the Agency has an increase of costs for the management and the organization of the service. If for reasons not attributable to the Agency or for major organizational reasons, the booked service is not provided or too late offered, the clients have to pay the amount or It will be refunded if already paid for that service and nothing will be due from the Agency to them.

Deferred arrivals: If the customers don’t arrive by 07.00/07.30 pm on the day of arrival, without written notification (e-mail) to the Intras agency, the accommodation will be considered vacant and the Agency reserves the right to retain the total amount and the accommodation is back at the disposal of Agency.

To collect the keys, a deposit of € 100,00 and the tourist tax – both in cash- will be required.

Personal documents of the occupants of the accommodation will also be requested for data registration to be sent to the Public Security.

Deposit. Upon arrival a deposit of € 100,00 (in cash) is required as a guarantee for a good maintenance of the lodging and the inventoried goods, and for the restitution of the keys. The deposit will be returned on the day of departure, if no damage will be observed to the apartment.

If the guest departs outside office hours, the deposit will be refunded by bank transfer.

Intras Agency rents apartments to families only. In accordance with the agency also groups can be accepted. For groups of young people under 28 years old a deposit of € 500,00 is required. At the reservation the young group have to inform the Intras agency about the age of everyone. Otherwise, the Agency has the right to refuse to hand over the keys and hold the total amount paid deposit as damage for the missed rental of the reserved apartment.

  • Check out. The keys must be handed over to our office between 08.00 am and 09.00 am. on the day of departure.
  • The apartment must be left clean, free from garbage, the kitchenware must be washed, the refrigerator empty and the kitchen in perfect order.
  • From 20.04 to 31.05 and from 02.09 to 29.09 the keys must be handed over to our office between 09.00 am and 10.00 am on the day of departure.

Arrival and departures outside our opening time must be confirmed in advance from Agency Intras.

In case of late arrival or early departure there is no refund.


5. Warnings

If due to force majeure the booked apartment is not available, it will be replaced with one of the same or higher category. The apartment replacement following the terms stated above, frees the Intras Agency from any kind of customer's charges, requests and/or claims.

The request of a particular apartment (number, floor, orientation, view, etc.) will be considered without however being guaranteed.

The description of the furnishing of the apartments, in our web site may be different in exceptional cases.


Cleaning: cleaning is an external service, provided and carried out by the company in charge and responsible for the service performed. If the customer is not sufficiently satisfied with the clean service, he can contact the Intras Agency within the hour following the delivery of the keys and in any case within 07.00 pm. The Intras Agency will verify and the cleaning company will arrange to clean the apartment again for complete satisfaction.


Beds and sofas: in the descriptions of the apartments, the sofa beds for two people, defined double or twin bed set, when they are opened without distinction can become a French bed or twin beds, even on different levels. Likewise with the definition of a double bedroom and/or double bed is defined in most cases, two single beds side by side.


Electrical and technological systems: the Intras Agency is not responsible and not has to refund the customer in case of bad functioning of house systems such as lifts, centralised antennas and satellite antennas, Wi-Fi, boilers for centralized building hot water production and/or various automations.


Wi-fi: the connection internet wi-fi are available if specifically wrote in the apartment’s description. The connection provided are normally designed for holiday purposes and are therefore not suitable for business use or similar.


Building pools: the swimming-pools of the residences are open more or less from beginning of June till the first week of September. The agency does not manage the swimming pools of the buildings and the service of use of the same is arranged by the building administrators. In the event of problems due to malfunctions and/or forced interruption of the use of the pools, the agency is not required to make any refund to the customer for breach of contract and/or damage of any kind and/or of any nature.


Size of the parking space: the parking places have a maximal length of 4,80 mt, a maximal width of 2,00 mt and a maximal high of 1,70 mt (if it is not specified otherwise on the apartment description) therefore, if the client has a car with bigger dimensions than the above mentioned, he will personally find a suitable solution, because it is absolutely forbidden to take a parking place assigned to other clients.


Parking space on availability: this wording indicates that the parking space is not guaranteed. The buildings/residences that have this indication have less parking than necessary.


Temporary unavailability of your own numbered parking: In the event that the numbered parking space reserved for the apartment is unduly occupied by third parties, the Intras agency is not responsible for this inconvenience, as it is not a guarded parking place. For the respect of all guests, it is therefore allowed to park only in the parking space assigned by the Intras Agency, under penalty of immediate removal of the car.


Electricity, available power and methods of use: the client is required for the correct use of their electrical equipment and the electrical equipment supplied to the apartment, considering that the electrical supply of 3,0 kWh restricts the use of one air-conditioning unit at a time in the apartments where there is more than one split. In respect of the environment, Intras agency kindly invites all the guests to a careful use of electrical appliances by turning them off if not necessary and when leaving the apartment. To ensure a reduction in A/C consumption and for a more efficient use of the cooling system, please close all doors and windows when in use.


Breakdowns and repairs: eventual bad functioning of electrical appliances such as dishwashers, air conditioners, washing machines, decoder and methane boiler (which have to be repaired by specialized personnel who are not always available in the surroundings) will be repaired in two working days after notification to the agency of the inconvenient. Within this period of time the tourist agency is not responsible for refunding due to breach of contract and/or damage of any kind.


Fixed installation air conditioners: any faults could be temporarily integrated with portable air conditioner. The repair or replacement will take place within the times and methods mentioned above.



Construction sites: The Intras Agency is released from the duty of information to the client regarding the existence or future settlement of construction sites and/or road works, for which both the noise level and the working time are defined by the municipal regulations. Construction sites are normally not operational in summer during the high season.



NOT ALLOWED: it is forbidden to use personal grills of any kind in the apartments, on the balconies, on the stairs and in the gardens. It is forbidden to use stoves or other electrical appliances that are not for normal domestic use. It is absolutely forbidden to use power sockets in the apartment or building to charge various batteries or electric cars. It is forbidden to smoke in the apartments and we kindly ask to smoke on the balcony or in the outside areas.


6. Liability

The guest assumes the liability to use the lodgings with care and will be held responsible for any damage, breakages and missing objects which he will be charged for. The tourist agency must always be informed of any damage or breakage within 24 hours from the collect of the keys, otherwise the guest will be held responsible for them.


The Intras Agency does not assume any liability for the lost or disappearance of money, precious goods or personal effects from the premises.


The apartments are not covered by fire/theft insurance, therefore the client has not to forgive any precious goods in the premises and must be careful with electrical appliances (not leave any personal electrical appliance connected to the wall socket) and with the use of gas, turning off the gas supply after use.


Bad weather and adverse weather conditions: in case of bad weather, wind and storm, the customer will be careful to keep doors and windows closed, close the umbrellas as well as secure the terrace furnishing and close the curtains of the rented apartment as all damages to things and people that may result from non-compliance with the above will be charged.


In the presence of heavy rain, storms, storm surges or weather alerts transmitted via radio, television or internet, vehicles parked in underground garages or otherwise parked below road level must be temporarily taken out of the garage or parking lot. In the event of flooding resulting from exceptional weather conditions that in Italy are defined as "natural disasters, force majeure events", the condominium insurance partner does not compensate for the damages incurred to the vehicles. The agency and the owner have no responsibility and there is no compensation to the customer for the time in which he did not use the parking lot or the damage to the vehicle resulting from not having moved it outside in the presence of these phenomena.


Items left in the apartment on the departure. Any personal belongings left in the apartment remain in the Intras agency office and will be sent to the customer after payment of the delivery charges.


7. Cancellation policy

This contract is not covered by any insurance against cancellation, but with Allianz Global Assistance all the guests of Intras Agency can make an insurance during the booking procedure. Therefore, if your holiday is deleted just before leaving, you will not loose the pre-payment you made. This kind of insurance is to be made online, through our website

Cancellations are only accepted per e-mail and the refund will be done by bank transfer.

  • In case of cancellations communicated within 45 days before arrival, will be refunded the full amount you paid. The cost of the agency procedure for cancellation involves a fixed charge of € 50,00 which will be deducted from the refunded amount.
  • In case of cancellations communicated from 44 to 20 days before arrival, you will receive a Voucher with the same amount that you already paid, valid for a reservation to be made in the current summer in the next summer season.
  • In case of cancellations communicated from 19 to 8 days before arrival, the full amount of the deposit will be retained.
  • In case of cancellations communicated from 7 to 0 days before arrival, the full amount of the reservation will be retained.
  • Cancellations of reservations that use vouchers issued in 2023 do not give the right in any case to any refund, whether total or partial, or to the issue of a new voucher.

8. Changes requested by the clients before arrival (change of the period):

The changes requested by the clients, regarding the change of the period, when the booking has already been accepted, do not oblige the Intras Agency in cases where they cannot be satisfied. In any case any request for a change in the period will be subject to the above cancellation conditions plus a fixed charge of Euro 50,00 per apartment for the agency procedure.


9. Contract resolution

In the case the Intras agency verifies that there are extra guests (included babies and children) as declared on the reservation form and/or there is a serious breach of apartment regulations (excessive noise or disruption especially during afternoon and night), the agency reserves the right to terminate the contract with no liability to refund. Eventual further damage will be calculated and subtracted from the paid deposit and the guest must immediately leave the apartment. Further damage can also be calculated after guest's departure.


10. City Tax

The amount of the tax, for apartments, is of € 0,70/person/night, and is calculated only for the first 10 nights.

They are exempted:

children up to the age of 12 (if they have the birthday during the stay, they will pay from the day of the birthday to the departure).

Non-self-sufficient disabled people, with medical certification, and a companion.

The tax must be paid in cash at the time of check-in at our agency.

Please note: The tax to be paid for the first 10 consecutive nights remains valid even in the case of overnight stays at two or more facilities. In this case it is the guest's responsibility to deliver to the manager of the new structure the receipt certifying the payment of the tax for previous nights, provided they are consecutive to those in the new accommodation facility.


11. Acceptance

At booking the client expressly accept all these rules and booking conditions.