Lignano in a nutshell

Lignano is a peninsula bordering the Adriatic Sea to the South and to the West, the Lagune of Marano to the North, and the Tagliamento River to the East. 8 striking kilometers of golden sandy beaches on the calm and warm waters of the Adriatic Sea makes this a perfect place for the whole family.

The city is made up of 3 distinct and unique areas:

Lignano Sabbiadoro

In the 60s, a growth in the building sector created a modern city with skyscrapers, accomodation facilities and a wide range of shopping and culinary opportunities. The restaurants, bars, and shops can be found on the main commercial street, which becomes during the evening a 4 km long pedestrian zone filled with lights and voices until deep into the night.

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Lignano Pineta

Separated from Sabbiadoro by groves of pine trees, Pineta is the first residential area of Lignano. Its special road network, characterized by streets which form a concentric spiral, was designed by the architect Marcello D'Olivo. This district is rich in green areas and fairly low buildings. The public parc is a unique site named after Ernest Hemingway who once visited Lignano.

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Lignano Riviera

With its little dead ends, its variety of pedestrian zones in the middle of green areas, its hotels, luxurious homes and houses, enriched by the big park which is dedicated to Unicef, and its thermal baths, Riviera offers the peacefulness you are looking for. Its golden beach with a clean and safe sea are ideal for your children (every year Lignano receives the "Blue flag" prize for excellence), its flourishing pinewood, its excellent accomodations, its modern sports facilities and its various funfairs are just some of the endless opportunities that Lignano can offer you!

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